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Welcome to Village Dreams

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What We Do

 Village Dreams is an all volunteer organization committed to applying 100% of donations directly to education projects in Ampeha village. In partnership with the Chief, Elders, and Villagers of Ampeha, Village Dreams developed a mission to change the future of their children through education.

Starting in preschool, we work together to support the children and families through Elementary, and Junior Secondary grades in the village school.  Our joint assistance continues through high school, and the apprenticeships that take students away from the village.  Finally, Village Dreams offers renewable university tuition scholarships to any who qualify.


Education Success
Elementary - Junior Secondary - High School and Beyond

With good facilities, trained teachers, and a highly competent school head, the regional ranking of Ampeha Village School has leapt from 78th to 30th out of 84 schools in five years.

The next priorities are enabling all village students to go to and graduate from high school.  According to the 2020 Ghana Education Fact Sheet published by USAID, World Bank, UNICEF - approximately 80% of rural students accepted to high school do not graduate.

Village Dreams understands that to prepare students adequately for the rigorous National High School Entrance Exam the village school grade levels need new curriculum textbooks, quality resources and implementation of best practice teaching methods.

Ghana's Education Ministry tests students in 8 subjects for high school entrance.  Qualification for highly ranked schools depends on outstanding scores:

  • Highest scores are indicated by 1

  • 2 = higher

  • 3 = high

  • 4 = high average and so on

Results of this academic year are listed and pictured below:

2023 Junior Secondary School Academic Excellence Awards:

English Language - Eight students scored 1

Mathematics - Two students scored 1; three scored 2; two scored 3; one scored 4

Integrated Science - One scored 1; three scored 2; two scored 3; one scored 4

ICT - One scored 1; three scored 2;two scored 3; two scored 4

Akuapem Twi (first language) - Four scored 1; three scored 2; one scored 4

CONGRATUALATIONS to all of the Academic and Team winners, Village Dreams is proud of what you have accomplished!


Science and Math Team

Team memebers Justice, Hamira and Terrance.  Coached by Bridget Boama and Michael Ofori.  Teams will compete in the Regional Semi-finals in July

Moses Opoku.jpeg

Track Team Member Moses Opoku

Sports Teams coached by George Asare.  Hopeful 500 meter runner Moses Opoku will compete at Regionals with his new track shoes which he believes will enable him to run even faster than in his bare feet.

Apprenticeship Pathways

Students who prefer to pursue a trade after Junior Secondary School, can apply for an apprenticeship grant.  If qualified, the Elders will engage tradespeople in larger towns to guide the student's training.  Students must complete a training program or repay the grant.

Currently there is one apprentice, Darffour Bismark, who will complete his three year apprenticeship in January 2023.  Here he is working in his Master's carpentry shop.

Ibi Bismark new_edited_edited.jpg
New teacher housing.jpg

Where We Started...Where We are Going

From Dreadful to Hopeful: In 2013 education in Ampeha faced multiple crises: tumbledown classrooms unusable during periods of rain, lack of daily instruction and purposeful learning experiences, teacher absenteeism, and an appalling scarcity of books, materials or supplies.

Ampeha Old School.jpg
Ibi School new_edited.jpg

Village Dreams first order of business was to  provide all weather school buildings.  The last of four classroom blocks was completed in 2021.










The second was to reduce teacher absenteeism, ensuring daily instruction.  Six units of on-campus teacher housing were completed in 2019.  The village then started a building fund, and currently villagers are building 4 more units.

Ibi teaching the teachers.jpg

Looking to the Future

Using materials supplied by Village Dreams, teachers are beginning to replace rote memorization teaching strategies with engaging games and activities.

Teachers of all levels got their first look at just published Kindergarten textbooks for the new curriculum which Village Dreams supplied along with materials for all areas of the Kindergarten program.


Future hopes are to acquire text books and learning materials in stages for grades 1-3, then 4-6, and 7-9, until classes have all the necessary books and equipment to enable the teachers and students sufficient proper resources for the first time. 

Our fundraising focus for fall 2022 will be text books for 1st - 6th grades.

Village Dreams Thank you _edited.jpg

Thank you!

None of this would be possible without our donors.  Thank you to all friends of Village Dreams who have made these dreams possible in Ampeha.   

Village Dreams is tax exempt under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are deductible under section 170 of the Code.

Thank you for making your donation by check to Village Dreams.  Please mail checks to: Village Dreams, 2324 14th Street, Apt 1,  Boulder, CO 80304 (Donating by check eliminates having an encrypted electronic system costing Village Dreams approximately $1000 annually).

Our heartfelt thanks to each of you for your encouragement, advice, prayers and donations!

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